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All the pretty things - Vintage Vineyard photo shoot

Whoops - did you notice that I haven't been posting to our blog? No? Well, me neither. Time to remedy that though!

We've had a brilliant start to this year, and had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people in some of the most beautiful places the Midlands has to offer. Last week, I was in the strange position of being service provider, part-organizer, gofer and client when we got involved in our first styled photo shoot. Have you seen these pics doing the rounds of social media yet?

Gorgeous, aren't they?

The way this happened is probably not the way that these things usually do. My very good friend and I have odd moments of almost-telepathy. So, when Kelly got in touch to say she wanted to put together a styled shoot with some of her photographer friends, I wasn't surprised. I'd been waiting for a quiet moment to suggest the same thing to her.

We originally discussed the idea of using our farm as the setting, but the reality of staging a "wedding" here weighed heavily on us. In a panicked moment, I reached out to Jane at Abingdon Wine Estate to see if she'd loan us her space for a day. She agreed without hesitation. Casey of PhotoCase Photography brought Stacey of The Love Bucket and Wes of The Shank Tank to the table, Eileen of BrightGirl Photography added the Glee Projects girls, Kelly Daniels brought Taryn of Smith's Bakeshop. My school friend Kym, of Kym & me, added her hair and make-up skills. And then we needed models.

Che of indieBerries is a blogger I adore, and when she mentioned a planned visit to South Africa that coincided with our shoot dates, I realised she might be an answer to that problem. She jumped right in and co-opted her friend and fellow blogger, Keri of MidlandsMusings. These two wonderful women even managed to get their husbands to join us for the day, and in their wedding finery nogal! (Many beers may have been drunk in the process, but we're not talking about that...)

And so, in under a week, all the "ingredients" for this photo shoot were gathered and waiting for a perfect March day. And it was just that. PERFECT.


There are tons of pics (and even a video!) of this shoot that I haven't included here, so go ahead and check out the links above to see the rest. We had a heap of fun, drank a few bottles of Abingdon's finest and promised each other that we'd do it again some time.

I can't wait.